Sometimes when guests leave a wedding you will hear them say “what a beautiful wedding”…sounds great hey, but I think beautiful is a given when your have wedding professionals involved. I would much rather hear them say “that was so them”. That is when I know I have done my job, as a wedding planner, properly. I have got to know my couple and what makes them tick and their big day has been a reflection of who they are and a much more intimate experience for their guests. It is all about personalisation and making sure your wedding reflects your style.

That is why I am obsessed with marquee and tipi weddings and the freedom that comes with them. Couples are rarely tied to using specific suppliers. It opens up the chance to bring personal elements to every aspect of your wedding.

One of the ways you can inject your character and theme is the bar.

Run your own Bar

By far the most economical option (depending on where you are getting married) is to set up your own bar. You can keep an eye out for offers and bargains on your drinks of choice. You can often hire bars from prop companies which look great. For example, we LOVE the copper bar owned by Cambridge Tipi Company.

If you do decide to run your own bar a couple of things to think about are:

1. Staff – You will need to staff the bar. Speak to your caterer as they may be able to provide bar staff. Alternatively, you could think about hiring a Mixologist who will be able to make up cocktails and drinks for your guests. We would always recommend designing a drinks menu and we love the idea of having a drink of the night or cocktail designed for you.

2. How are you going to keep the drinks cool? Check out our Blog “7 things to know when planning a marquee or tipi wedding” to hear our full argument for hiring a refrigerated trailer but if you are running your own bar it is a must. Buckets of ice will keep your drinks cool but will not cool them quickly enough on mass for your guests to enjoy.

3. Make sure you have power run to the bar so you can have a fridge.

4. If you have kegs of beer, they will need to be put in place 24 hours before so they have time to settle. If you are hiring a bar that means you will need to arrange for the hire person to deliver it the day before so you can get the beer in place and leave it.

Mobile Bars

Mobile bars are one of the simplest options for your outdoor wedding. They bring a wide variety of drinks and all of the equipment to keep them cool and serve them well. This is definitely a much less stressful option than running the bar yourself. Most mobile bars charge a set fee for coming and then they charge for drinks. You can either put an amount behind the bar and after that it becomes a cash bar or it can be a cash bar all night. This horse box bar from Duck and Pheasant is one of my favourites and looks perfect against a tipi.

Speciality Bars

With the Gin craze that is sweeping the nation more and more couples are opting for speciality bars such as gin tasting bars or pimp my Prosecco stations. These bars can serve a specialised wedding menu throughout the night or they can just serve your welcome drinks. Personally, we love an interactive station which will get your guests talking and make it a form of entertainment.