Hello and I hope you all had a great start to your wedding planning. I know I set you some serious challenges last month but hopefully you have been busy and are feeling like a super star wedding planner now! The stage we should be at now is:

  • You have set a budget and know what your prioritise are,
  • You know what style of wedding you want and the atmosphere you are trying to create,
  • You have written your guest list and know how many people you intend to host,
  • You have found your wedding venue, and
  • You have booked your wedding ceremony.

Now do not panic if you have not found your wedding venue yet. This is a lot to achieve in a month, especially if you only have weekends available for wedmin. If you are not quite there just continue with month 1 (click here) and pick this up when you are ready. It just may mean that your later months are busier. 

1. Book a Structure

clear marquee wedding

If you are having an outdoor wedding and you have now found your glorious patch of grass, now is the time to book the structure to go on it. Shop around and do not be pulled in by price – the quality of these structures varies vastly so take the time to see the structures up. Read all about structure in my blog on structures here. 

2. Get Wedding Insurance

Wedding Insurance typically covers situations where your venue or suppliers go bust or let you down. It can cover lost, stolen or damaged wedding items, such as flowers and cake. Specific marquee cover can also be taken out to insure any marquee structures that you put up. You will need to tailor it to your particular circumstances but your broker will be able to discuss with you the various options. 

All couples should look into wedding insurance. Imagine a worst case scenario where your marquee supplier or venue goes out of business and you need to find a new venue last minute.

wedding dress

3. Dress Shopping

Need I say more? Go on girls, it is time. Grab your bridesmaids and mums and friends and go… find…. that … dress

4. Wedding Gift List

It always surprises my couples how early on I send them off in pursuit of a gift list service. But you need to know who you are going to have your gift list with in order to add your list details to your invitations. Therefore, this month take a look at your gift list options. I highly recommend the Wedding Shop. They offer a fantastic service where you can add both branded goods or money to your list. They also have showrooms around the UK where you can meet with a gift adviser and touch and see the gifts you are adding. 

You do not need to add the gifts to your list at this stage. You just need to pick a provider and get that all important number to add to your invitations. 

5. Research Accommodation options near your venue

Again, we are doing this now so that we have the information to add to your invitations (you can guess what is on next months’ to do list!) I look for hotels locally and speak with them about getting a preferred rate for guests who are coming as a result of the wedding. You can then add the details of that hotel and any offer code to your invitations. 

6. Research local taxi companies

Okay you get the gist – anything that is going on your invitations needs to be checked out this month. Speak to local taxi firms and check they have the capacity to deal with the number of guests that may call them for your wedding. Do you want to run shuttle services back to the hotel for your guests? If so, do they have people carriers. 


Start to put together a styling plan for your day. 

I break this down into (a) general colour scheme, (b) floristry (c) bridesmaids and groomsmen (d) table design (e) ceremony  and (f) venue. 

wedding stylist

Add images that you like into a document and move them around. This will help you to build a picture of what you want. I use special software for this but you can easily build something like this from images on Pinterest. Then as you go through you can invite your suppliers to your Pinterest board so that they can see your images too. 

When you add images make sure you comment on what it is you like about the image. For example, I could see a bouquet which is the perfect style of floristry but the wrong colours. You need to be clear on what it is you like about each image before you share it with your suppliers. 

You do not, at this stage, need to have a complete picture of what your styling is going to look like. This is a document which evolves at every point of the planning process. What doing this task now achieves is allowing you to establish what style you like and them find the right suppliers who can create that look. For example, floristry is the easiest example as florists range so much in their style. If you like a wild relaxed look of floristry you need to target florists who naturally create that style. You will be able to tell from their instagram feeds and their portfolio. 

8. Consider a wedding website

Some couples who need to give their guests a lot of information and do not want their invitations to become too wordy choose to setup a website. These are particularly useful for wedding weekends where there is a lot going on. If you think you would like to have one, now is the time to research which one would suit you and get it set up. 

Need help with your planning? Then check out our wedding services here