Jess and James’ Wedding

The Bride Said ….

“Of all the many wedding decisions we made, having Katie be part of our day was genuinely the best decision of all!! I’d never really heard of having a wedding day coordinater but now I can’t stress enough how much of difference Katie made and actually feel panicky at the thought of a wedding without her! Not only is she helpful, professional and completely on it, but she is so friendly and lovely to work with!
In the run up to the wedding Katie went above and beyond to ensure all suppliers had been spoken to, that all the timings made sense and that we had all the little things in place that we’d otherwise not have thought of. Then on the day, Katie made me and my husband feel so relaxed and that everything was under control. I don’t know who we originally thought would do all the little jobs e.g. lighting all the candles and lanterns, welcoming the suppliers such as the band when they arrived, lighting the fire pit, turning the fairy lights on when it got dark, building the jenga, keeping track of timings and speeches etc. etc. the list goes on!
Katie made a day that I imagine could be stressful into a day that was fun, relaxing and allowed us to focus on celebrating our marriage with all our friends and family without having a single worry. We can’t thank Katie enough, she made our wedding what it was and we’d recommend her to anyone!xxx”
On the Day Co-ordination I  Photography by: Kirsty MacKenzie Photography