I recently had the pleasure of talking all things wedding cars with the guys at Cambridge Wedding Cars. Check out the video interview on [Insert Video Link] filmed by Louise Shrigley. Here is a summary of all of their top tips:

1. Size

The classic cars are much smaller than the modern cars so if you have a particularly large wedding dress a modern car may be better suited.

2. Luggage Space

If you are getting ready somewhere different to the reception venue think about what luggage you need to move and the size of the boot in the car.

3. Accessibility

What is the access like at the venue? Some town or city locations (particularly in Cambridge) are on streets that existed before the motor car and so cannot take the large vehicles. If access is difficult mention it when booking so they can find you a slimmer car.

4. Children

If you will have children travelling with you in the car please remember that most post-war vintage cars do not have seatbelts. If that is something that is going to bother you, we would recommend a more modern car.

Red Classic Car | Top Tips for Picking Your Wedding Car

5. Additional Charges

When booking make sure you check if there are any additional charges for ribbon or champagne. Will the driver be happy to wait and have photos taken. Make sure you factor photography times into the time of hire and make sure your photographer knows how long you have the car for so they can schedule in getting the shots they need.

6. Reliability

When choosing a wedding car provider it is always worth checking how many cars they own. If you are hiring a vintage or classic car do they have a back-up if something goes wrong and they have trouble with the car? Do they have on site mechanics who can get the car up and running again quickly.

7. How many cars do you need

Where the ceremony venue is close to the venue in which you are getting ready you can often use one car that will do two trips taking any bridesmaids etc first and then coming back for the Bride. If the venue is more than 15 minutes away you will often need two vehicles.

8. Chauffeur Driven or Not

We love the craze of self drive at weddings. If you or your partner has a dream car this may be their chance to own it for the day. Picture that moment where your partner drives you off into the sunset as newlyweds. Often, few people see the wedding car when the bride arrives, whereas if the Groom arrives in a special car it can be displayed outside as your guests arrive at the ceremony venue. I am sorry Brides but get a cab already! (I am joking – get both!)